It all starts with a dialogue

Deepdialog is a new take on social media

We're unifying the way we connect and have conversations online so that you can go from strangers to friends in no time, and presenters and audiences can connect anywhere, anytime. All in on place.

We're building a new ecosystem where anyone can make connections, have meaningful conversations, discover revolutionary ideas from top thinkers and makers, and improve their thoughts.

Deepdialog: the home of meaningful connections.

Alireza Ahmadi

Founder & CEO
Alireza Ahmadi founder and ceo of Deepdialog

Josef Fagerström

Co-Founder & CTO

Ahmad Ghafori

Co-Founder & Developer

Isak Håkansson

Content Manager

Rebecca Eriksson

UX/UI Designer

We're a group of people who love conversations and meeting new people. But, for us, the best part of building a company and its community is connecting people with an overarching goal that everyone believes in and make it a reality.

That's why we're excited about Deepdialog: We're creating a product that helps people connect better.

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team deepdialog

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